What some nice people have to say about working with me:

“You won’t regret hiring Becky Kraemer. During twenty years in newspapers, I was frequently on the other side of the phone from publicists. Becky easily ranks among the best I ever encountered. She cared about my book and its success every bit as much as I did. She was my tireless advocate. She got results. Hire her.” – Brad Parks, author of  The Good Cop (St. Martin’s/Minotaur), the fourth book in the Carter Ross series

“Becky helped me get great buzz for my book – due in part to her thoughtful efforts, demand for the book exceeded all expectations. I only wish I had known her while I was writing the book, as she had many suggestions that would have made it more marketable and successful. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Becky for any project that required an outstanding publicist who works within time and budget constraints.” – Richard Polton, author of The Life & Times of Fred Wesley Wentworth (distributed by Rutgers University Press)

“Becky is a true A-player. She’s smart, she asks great questions, she works very hard, she gets great results, and I enjoy every conversation I have with her. If you want your book or project to be successful, it’s critical to have a marketing and PR partner who knows what they are doing, gives you great advice, and works hard on your behalf.  Becky is all those things. Stop interviewing other people and hire her.” – Eric Herrenkohl, author of How to Hire A-Players (Wiley)

“Becky was my editor on two recent nonfiction books. She is every writer’s dream: intelligent, tactful, perceptive, hard-working, and appreciative. Both books did very well – and, as a bonus, Becky was really fun to work with!” – Kitty Burns Florey, author of Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog & Script & Scribble (Melville House)

“Becky makes things happen. As a debut novelist at a small press, I was starting with nothing. Becky marketed my book to key players and created a platform for me in a major metropolitan area. She conquered Philadelphia. People heard about my book. Becky gets the big picture and follows up on all the small details.” – Susan Barr-Toman, author of When Love Was Clean Underwear (Three Rivers Press)

“Thanks to the all-too-rare combination of whip-smart editorial instincts and expansive industry knowledge, Becky was able to provide unerring guidance and support throughout every step of the publication process. From the very beginning Becky collaborated closely with me to refine my structure, my ideas, and my language all the while working simultaneously on what was ultimately an extremely effective publicity and subsidiary rights strategy. She was absolutely invaluable. Becky didn’t just work with me on my book; she made it worth publishing.” – Elizabeth Little,  author of Biting the Wax Tadpole (Melville House)

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