About Me

I’m Becky Kraemer, and I like books. I like making them, reading them, and talking to people about them. I also like music, but mostly I like books.

I have worked in book publishing for more than ten years. I started in the subsidiary rights department at Macmillan where I learned valuable lessons about licensing and the author contract. After a stint in NBC’s interactive department, I worked at Simon & Schuster and Hyperion. Most recently, I was Senior Editor and Rights Director at Melville House Publishing, where I worked on almost every aspect of a book: concept, acquisition, editing, marketing, publicity, foreign & domestic licensing and special sales.  (If you’re keeping track, I didn’t work on design, production or sales).

Now I work directly with authors, publishers, bookstores and book people, spending (almost) all of my time making, reading, and talking to people about books.

If you’re interested in working together, please email me. Or visit my company website, Cursive Communications & Marketing.

You can also find me on Twitter @beckykraemer