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Zolar’s Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Dreams

We have a bible. Quite a few, actually, if you count children’s bibles, which are a weird fascination of mine.

We also have two dictionaries. The virtues of one I have already extolled.

And we have a book about mythology that I keep thinking I’m going to really need some day. I did spend a few hours using it to try and find significant but not kooky baby names until finally I just put it back on the shelf.

But rounding out our reference library is a dream dictionary.

(I LOVE the cover. I wish there was an interpretation of the cover included in the book, like: “JAGUAR GHOSTS: dream of one pouncing over three dark pyramids, you will have car trouble.”)

Is it embarrassing that this is the most heavily thumbed through book in our house? Slightly. But even Zolar admits on its Amazon page: “And in fact, of all the Zolar books in print, it is the Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams that is most often treasured and passed down from parents to children, much like a family heirloom.”

I think I’d probably pass along the bibles and the dictionaries, but still – the dream dictionary is just such good fun. Who can resist?

A side note: Is there a subject out there that Benjamin Franklin was NOT “deeply versed” in? Electricity, the postal service, getting drunk, dream interpretation and number vibrations – I mean, come on! What couldn’t this guy do? And why isn’t there a book about that yet? That’s the book I want to read.

Anyway, My copy of Zolar was published by Touchstone, which means I probably stole it from a shelf in the office when I worked for Simon & Schuster. And by stole, I mean I lovingly scooped it up, poor abandoned thing that it was, and brought it home and used it. There were always books lying around all over the place that people didn’t want anymore. I consider all of the ones that found their way into my bag to be rescued.

But the problem with the dream dictionary is no matter what I look up, the meaning of my dream is always something crazy that makes me feel worse about myself. For instance, dreaming about having dreams:

Not so great. Neither is dreaming about drawers for that matter (unless you’re single and dreaming about drawers and even then only if you’re a man does the drawer dreaming get really good.) Dreaming about being drenched is clearly a bummer no matter the situation.

I can’t remember ever remember looking up something in this book and having my dream interpretation be positive. But then again, I guess if I’m dreaming about something good, chances are I don’t need a dream dictionary to interpret it. Or maybe I just never have good dreams (more likely the case). Still, just once I’d like to have a crazy dream mean something like “Dreaming of rain: It will be sunny and beautiful!” or “Dreaming of losing your teeth: You will never need dental work ever again!”

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