Cross Stitch


I’ve been working on this for more than two years. It’s not that it’s been hard to make, it’s just been hard to find the time. The last six months with a newborn has meant that any chunk of my uninterrupted time longer than 30 minutes has been devoted to sleeping.

This bird, a turkey, specifically, is for a little boy, my nephew, to commemorate his birthday, and I’m sure in 50 years it will be as obsolete and crazy as doilies on arm rests and doo wop are today.

And maybe he may never care about it, but I don’t mind. I love him, I love the crazy jazzy Picasso bird drawing my husband made, and I loved listening to podcast after podcast of Sound Opinions while I did the work.


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3 responses to “Cross Stitch

  1. As someone who also loves embroidering — in my case, at least as an adult, mostly needlepoint — I enjoyed this post. It’s a spectacular turkey — but it doesn’t look like cross-stitch to me, at least in this picture. It’s much more free-form — ??
    I’m in the process of making needlepoint Christmas stockings for my three young grandchildren with their names on them. Two of them have VERY LONG NAMES. I hope I get them done by the time they go off to college….

    • You’re right, it isn’t cross stitch but something more free form. I always just associate any kind of sewing I do using a hoop to be cross stitch because that’s what I learned first!
      I always think I’m going to be one of those people who just picks up her sewing project every few days when there is “nothing to do,” but it ends up taking me years before I complete something. Oh well. At least we’re doing it, even if it’s in fits and spurts, right?

      • Yes, but when I do pick it up I can sometimes get obsessive and become impervious to all else. When I look up, two hours have gone by. But of course I’ve still only progressed about an inch….

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