Psychedlic Sewing

I’m not all up on Etsy every day, but once upon a time I used to sew. I have a sewing machine and an old cookie tin my mother passed along to me with the thread, zippers, snaps and other bits and bobs from when she used to sew.

I also have her sewing book. I love it more than anything else.

This book means sewing business. The use of single color printing throughout, the weight of the paper, the heft of the volume. By just holding this book in your hands, you know that you are going to learn to sew and you will use this book for the rest of your life as a reference. (Or at least keep it on your shelf to flip through twice a year, like I do.)

I think I’ve used it once or twice for help when sewing a zipper or figuring out how best to do weighted corners on drapes. But for the most part, I just like to look at it.

I mean, check out the back cover:

I think that says it all, and I’m not talking about just the caption.

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