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Want to Know What Books You’ll be Hearing about Next Fall?

I remember my first BEA – Book Expo America – very well. I left with two tote bags (giveaways, of course) stuffed with Advanced Reading Copies and galleys of forthcoming books.

(The prize – that I still have today – was the ARC of Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I still look at it and enjoy the giant picture of his head on the back cover that looks like it was taken with Instagram waaay before there was Instagram.)

I didn’t realize that as an employee of the publishing industry, I was not supposed to take these free copies of books, that they were really for bookstore owners, librarians, media people. I think someone at one of the booths stopped me from taking a galley, but for the most part, I just walked around and picked up the titles that looked the most interesting to me. Everyone was scurrying around doing the same. I was in book nerd heaven.

So imagine my thrill this week when I downloaded the BEA BUZZ BOOKS from PublishersMarketplace. This is a free ebook with samples of the leading Fall titles from the big publishers – books that will be promoted heavily at next week’s BEA and books that you will hear about constantly next Fall. And you don’t have to go to BEA to get it. And it’s free. And anyone can download it.

I wish there were more titles from independent publishers included, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I am slowly making my way through all the excerpts and enjoying it very much. I especially like that they’ve included the cover art, and, of course, the insightful comments by both Michael Cader and Sarah Weinman. If you like books and you don’t know who those two are, you are missing out.

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