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When you leave your house for a week, you come back with new eyes.  I visited my mother in May at her new place, and I came back and looked around sadly at our old house and all of its imperfections. I ordered radiator covers. I felt better for about two days, then my old house funk returned as I realized they do not make enough specialty wooden coverage devices to hide every house flaw this house needs to have hidden.

But after a recent vacation in a decidedly not-so-nice dwelling, I came back and gave my house a hug. It is clean! It is mildew-free! It has a dishwasher! A paper towel will not stick to the dining room table even after I have placed a hot cup of coffee on top of it. I think Ken felt the same way, because we found ourselves doing a little spontaneous home improvement project.

Before Nate, we worked on the house a lot. We repainted all the inside rooms, except for the attic and the kitchen, and had the exterior painted as well. We stripped wallpaper. We made curtains. We made roman blinds. We installed special paneled wainscotting in the bathroom (okay, Ken really did that all by himself). We tore up and removed every inch of seafoam green wall-to-wall carpeting on the entire first floor and stairs, including pulling out stubborn staples. We planted the front gardens. We cleared and planted the back gardens. We even reupholstered a couch, which was one of the most difficult but most rewarding home projects we’ve attempted.

Since we’ve had Nate, we’ve done a few projects, but nothing like the days when we’d redo our entire guest room in a weekend. So it was nice to do a small project for a few hours together, alone, while Nate napped.

We hung a clock and shutters on our garage. Small effort – big impact. The shutters are the old plastic ones we removed when our house’s exterior was painted. At the time, I asked the painters to paint the old ones as well, thinking we’d install them on the garage. After a five year “curing” period, they are all now hanging in place as we’d envisioned.

We were inspired to do this hour-long home improvement project when my brother-in-law gave us the outdoor clock.

Did I know I needed a clock on my garage? No.

Do I now? Yes.

Thanks, bro.

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