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Oh the work I was going to do in the yard when I started this blog. The weeding. The planting. The mulching. The Transformation!

In the end, I picked up the phone and called someone to help. A professional. Several professionals. I needed it. The YARD needed it. And here we are today:

The grass is growing. The fence is, well, fencing.

I miss the green of the overgrown shrubs that lined our backyard, but I don’t miss the maintenance. (Yes, I know they don’t look like they’ve been maintained at all, and that’s the point. We let them go a few seasons, and we were completely unable to reign them back in!) I also don’t miss the poison ivy. Or that grapevine thing that the previous owners were so proud of, and that I tried to be proud of because it did grow grapes, but then I wasn’t proud of because the grapes were inedible.

I think the birds are confused, but consoling themselves with some grass seed snack. The squirrels are enjoying their new highway – they are constantly running the length of the fence. I think they’re even having track and field events on it now.

And the cedar smells great. After the sprinkler’s been on for a bit, the wet wood turns my backyard into one big outdoor shower. Is there anything more summery than an outdoor shower?

Long Live Landscaping Professionals.

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