Wet dog

Before I was a parent, I had Phoebe.

I was that annoying person who compared taking care of her dog to taking care of a child. It was a mistake. They are not the same.

Except for one thing.

Bath time.

Um, a little privacy here please?

You have never met a dog who likes to take a bath? Meet Phoebe. The dog who saunters into the bathroom as I’ve got Nate splashing around, lays down beside me and looks up as if to say, “Huh. He gets a bath EVERY night. When was the last time I got a bath? Please give me a bath. PLEASE!”

So this weekend, her wish was granted.

She was so happy, she was practically smiling. Both Nate and Phoebe highly enjoy their tub time. But I guess there is one way they differ in the bath — Nate is a LOT easier to clean up after.

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