A Visit With Gardener Katie

I stopped by the greenhouse this morning to see what Gardener Katie has cooking. It’s been a few weeks since I paid her and her plants a visit, and I was curious about my little baby budlings. (Some of her plants are propagations from mine! Nature! Science! Get freaky!)

She told me things were really taking off. It was very exciting to see my babies in action!

I think this was sage, but I have to say, it wasn’t Katie’s sage. She held this one up by accident and I took the picture. Then she showed me the one that was hers, and I took another picture, but this picture turned out better so here we are. Both sages were equally stunning, I will add, so I don’t feel that I am misrepresenting Katie’s awesome gardening power. And this sage wasn’t my plant to begin with, so let’s move on, shall we?

Here are the sedum!

We have gazillions of these in our yard but they originate from Brooklyn. My gradnfather-in-law (more affectionately known as “Poppa”), a Bay Ridge resident for most of his life, took his favorite  sedum to Long Island when he moved there to live with Ken (my husband) and Ken’s parents. My mother and father-in-law kept dividing the sedum in their garden, and now all of Ken’s brothers and sister have them in their gardens, and now Katie has her very own “Poppa” plants too. These sedum will look like this come fall:

Another of my plants that did well for Katie was the butterfly bush. But I didn’t get a good picture of its new babies. Instead, here is Katie tending her flock of seedlings, including lemon balm, tomatoes, larkspur, impatiens, and moonflower to name a few:

I am thinking she ate A LOT of popsicles to grow these plants, aren’t you? My, my. And this reminds me of my favorite joke of all time. A guy goes to the doctor and says,”I don’t know what’s wrong, doc, one day I think I’m a tee-pee, the next I think I’m a wigwam. Tee-pee, wigwam, tee-pee, wigwam. Over and over again!” The doctor says, “The problem is you’re too tents!” This joke was printed on a popsicle stick that I ate when in college.

Katie told me she’s taking her perennials home today. We’ll see how they fare outside the greenhouse and planted in the big bad yard. I’m sure they’re going to do well. Look who they’ve got for a mom!

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