Emergency Gardening

It’s been one of those weeks.

Husband on a business trip, baby with an illness not bad enough to take to the doctor but bad enough to result in days of cranky, clingy, non-nappingness, working working working at something but not getting any results, a few days of running from the early morning and working into the late night, you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, leave your method of denial (or sedation) in the comments, please.

So this afternoon, as we found ourselves among the plants and rocks and sticks of our front yard, I started weeding. Just a little. I’m afraid to hurt my arm again, but you know how it is — weeding, if you’re in the right mood, is incredibly cathartic. I didn’t even think about it, I just started doing it. And one thing led to another and I found myself here:

Shoveling out a clump of daylilies thatI’d been meaning to remove for a few years. I didn’t stop to get my gloves, change my shoes, nothing. (Not even get my camera – the picture was taken with my phone.) I just shoveled and pulled and bagged those daylilies. I felt so much better!

Then, faced with a pretty big blank spot, I realized I should plant some of my Easter flowers.

I helped Nate plant his very first plant, a purple hyacinth, which is sort of fitting since his first color word was purple. I guess he wanted to get out some aggression too, because as soon as we got it in the ground and I hurriedly scooped dirt over it so he wouldn’t step on it, he grabbed the flower and gave it a good yank.

So next time you’re having one of those weeks, those days, those afternoons? Grab a shovel and decimate a defenseless plant. It will help. And I am sure that the glass of wine, bar of chocolate and mindless romantic comedy waiting for me will continue to ease the pain.

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