Gardener Katie

Last fall my friend Katie asked me if she could come over and check out my plants. She had just started a gardening class, and she was going to be learning how to grow plants from cuttings. Could she take a look around my garden and see if there was anything she’d like?

Of course I said yes — the chance to talk about what worked, what didn’t work, which ones I babied (meaning I didn’t pull them out in a fit of weeding fury), and which ones surprised me by being pretty hardy — was irresistible. Plus, she was going to take some cuttings and try to propagate them. My plants would get a chance to show their stuff to the world!

Last weekend, I visited Katie at the greenhouse where she’s busily incubating all the baby plants. What a fun place!

Katie said the butterfly bush and sweet potato vines were the stars from my garden (which, despite Katie’s obvious talent at propagating plants, I think means simply that they are still alive). There were some that didn’t take at all (fancy schmancy catalog-bought day lilies! You have been a pain in my garden, too), but she seemed happy with her progress in general.

Katie is living proof that gardening is cool — and fashionable! Check out her greenhouse attire and accessories:

I’ll be checking back in with her as the season progresses to see how my garden is growing for someone else!

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