Hurry Hurry

The baby has nothing to eat and I don’t want to cook anything. What do I do?


Oh, and I have a frozen pre-made pie shell! A quiche!

If you listen to this wonderful song while you read this post (though it is not the best version), it will be like you are me because whenever I make quiche, I am singing this song nonstop. “Quiche La Poodle!”:

(Opens refirgerator): Hey look! I have some mushrooms! Might as well add them. But they taste infinitely better when they’ve been sauteed. First, I chop some onions. I have become so much less picky about onions these days. Who cares if they’re still sorta huge? Not me — throw em in. And some garlic too:

Then the mushrooms. Wish I had some parsley. Oh well. Cook, mushrooms, cook!

My neighbor made this quiche for me when I had Nate and it was like a dream come true. I ate it hot, I ate it cold — it was like the most delicious thing I’d ever eaten in my life.

It’s basically frozen spinach, the fried onions that come in a can (which I dont use but really do make a difference. Nice and salty.), sour cream, cheese, eggs. But I am always tinkering with it. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. This time was for the bad. Here’s why:

I wanted to use fresh spinach, so I pre-cookedit in the microwave, and I was in such a hurry that I sort of poured some of the water from that process into the quiche. Not good. And I think I added too many eggs and too little cheese. And the mushrooms, despite the garlic and onions, were bland.

Nate wouldn’t eat it.

I can’t eat it because I’m trying to not eat dairy. And let’s face it, this is practically nothing but dairy.

But doesn’t it look pretty? In a slightly-overcooked-but-not-quite-ruined way?

And isn’t that a GREAT B-52s song?

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