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Liquid? In a bowl? Like to drink? With a spoon?

Babies don’t like soup. This is what my mom told me one day when I was complaining that Nate wouldn’t eat chicken barley soup I had made. Why don’t they like soup? Who knows. But it would be five million times easier for me if Nate would eat soup. So I keep trying.

Fancy french green lentils & frozen chicken stock

One of the reasons it would be easier for me is because when you make soup, there is a lot. And it takes up so much space in the big bowls all sitting in the fridge crowding the milk and the leftovers. I freeze some, but boy, if I’m making something, I want that baby to eat it!

During the recent “snowicane,” soup was clearly the only option for lunch, so since I had bought a bag of fancy french green lentils, I decided to make lentil soup. I had some frozen homemade chicken stock that could be easily defrosted, and a tub of Mirepoix (sounds fancy, yes? I know! It’s not, it’s just chopped up onions, celery & carrots that I bought at Trader Joe’s. Honestly, I had never even heard the word, or seen it in a recipe, but now I’m all “Should I add some Mirepoix to that?” for everything. Hard-boiled eggs. Cereal. Cheese. What couldn’t Mirepoix make better?)

Let’s back up a second — I bought the Mirepoix because I recently hurt my arm, and I figured at some point this week, I’d want to use these three ingredients in something — maybe to cook with black eyed peas? Or a pan gravy (I make kinda funny pan gravy)?  So it came in handy when I decided it was ultimately meant for soup. But I was feeling lazy and wanted to use the whole big bag of chicken stock (about 8 cups), so I needed some more carrots, onions and celery. Normally, I’d chop all these up and leave them chunky, but because the fancy french green lentils are so small, I decided I’d try something different and put all three things in the food processor.

I am new to the food processor, and I don’t really like it. It’s a pain to wash. I only know how to do one thing with it and that’s pulverize the hell out of whatever I put in it. I will say that for pulverizing it works quite well. And it’s a pain to wash. So to spare my arm, I pulverized some carrots, some celery & an onion, added it to the already semi-pulverized Mirepoix and frozen chicken stock, added the fancy french green lentils, and cooked.

My ceiling fan's view of the 5 ingredients, post-pulverizing, in a pot. With a spoon.

I’m happy to report that the soup turned out to be delicious. I think in the future, I’d rather have chunks of carrots & celery & onions rather than smooth bits, but for cooking with a weak chopping arm, this hit the spot. The only sad part is how much less exciting soup like this looks once it’s been fully cooked:

The Persistence of Marble Rye (or Lentil Soup Still Life)

And Nate? Did he eat it? He wouldn’t touch it.


I’ll try again in a few days.

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